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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Year 6 Kites

Welcome to Kites!

Class teachers Mrs N Breslaw and Miss H Cole 

Assisted by Mrs K Thomas, Ms E Poole, Mrs L Taylor

Picture 1

The Victorians!

Our topic this term is ‘The Victorians’. We will be learning about Queen Victoria and her reign, about inventions and reforms and also about life for children during Victorian times. This exciting topic allows us to link our work across many subjects, providing a rich and engaging curriculum. We will be using the book ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty to support our English, Science, DT and Topic work. For further objectives, you will find the Year 6 Summer 1 Curriculum Overview in the Curriculum Overview folder. 


In English, to inform the writing, the children will be following the main character from Street Child, a runaway, trapped in the Workhouse and desperate to escape. This is a brilliant and moving book, which examines issues of homelessness, injustice and survival through the eyes of an engaging character. The children will use this text to write and edit diary entries, balanced arguments and non-chronological reports. Furthermore, they will research, plan and write information texts about street children around the world.


Maths this term sees a focus on Geometry- Properties of Shape, Problem Solving, Statistics and Investigations. We will build on prior learning, embedding concepts and continue to develop the children’s problem and reasoning skills.


Even though we do not have the pressure of SATs, we will continue with our hard work to ensure the children are ready and equipped for their new beginning at secondary school.