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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Year 4 Swallows

Welcome to Swallow Class!


Swallows is the Year 4 Class at the school and is taught by Mr Stanton.

The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Johnson.


School and Eco Councils

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School and Eco Councils 4 Eco Councillor


Our topic this term is Rainforests, a focus that will be implemented into a range of subjects in various ways until the Easter holidays. 


English work will centre around 'The Great Kapok Tree', a story written by Lynne Cherry, which takes children on a vibrant and thoughtful journey into the life of plants and animals found in the rainforests of the world, whilst also enabling them to consider the effects that deforestation has on them. Children will complete a range of written work using the book as a stimulus, exploring the features of narrative, poetic and non-fiction writing. Through these pieces, children will build the stamina with which the write and develop their skills of composition, editing and improving what they have produced. 


In Maths, the main focus falls on the operations of Multiplication and Division, with children recapping the methods and strategies they learned in previous years, as well as being introduced to new ones as required. They will look at the patterns brought about when multiplying by 10, 100, 1 and 0, using their knowledge of number facts to aid their workings. Long and Short methods of working out will be applied to both operations and then developed through the completion of reasoning and problem solving. As well as written methods, children will be required to explain their answers orally, giving appropriately-detailed reasoning to justify these. Work will also continue on learning times tables in preparation for the national test which will take place in the Summer term.


Across the other subjects, children will use maps and atlases to learn about the location of Rainforests across the world and study the features and climates within. They will link this to their learning in Science where they will explore Living things and their Habitats, sorting and classifying animals and plants, alongside exploration of what these things all need to stay alive. Another busy, yet fun topic, with a great deal to fit in before the Easter holidays!