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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Year 4 Swallows

Welcome to Swallow Class!


Swallows is the Year 4 Class at the school and is taught by Mr Stanton.

The Teaching Assistant is Mrs Johnson.


School and Eco Councils

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Swallows Class, 'Lean On Me', April 2020

During the Nationwide lockdown, Swallow's children and their parents got creative and put together this wonderful video montage. 'Lean on Me' was the song the class were learning in their music lessons before the school closed. A few days into the closure, the song's creator, Bill Withers, sadly passed away. This video serves as a tribute to him, but also brilliantly displays the unity of children and parents in these difficult times. Well done to all involved!

The Second World War

The topic for this final term is World War 2 and a personal favourite of mine to teach. Alas, at present, we're not in school for me to do that directly, but hopefully we will be able to get back into the classroom for one final half term together, as this really is an interesting and engaging topic, steeped of course in historical significance and importance. Our writing focus will centre around the books 'Rose Blanche' and 'The Lion and the Unicorn', both of which lending themselves beautifully for a range of genres that children will explore in their writing. These allow for some deep and meaningful thinking of the subject of global war and are perhaps, somewhat fitting to the current situation we all find ourselves experiencing. The theme of war will be studied through the foundation subjects, most obviously history, where will will study the combatants on both sides, how, why and when World War 2 came about, as well as looking at some of the key events and moments which occurred during it. I imagine that my near-obsession with the Spitfire will also appear in our learning as much as possible... Art is another area which will see heavy focus on the conflict, with children producing a range of artwork that reflects various aspects of World War 2. The highlight of the term will hopefully be our residential visit to Henley Fort in July, where children stay for 2 nights and participate in a themed stay at a genuine World War 2 location. Fingers crossed that this can still go ahead!

Blitz Poem