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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Year 4 Swallows

Welcome to Swallows Class!


Swallows is the Year 4 Class at the school and is taught by Mr Stanton.

The Teaching Assistants are Mrs Poole, Mrs Hayden and Mrs Powell.


The Mayan Civilisation

The topic for this final term is 'The Maya' and allows us to explore an exciting time in early and ancient history. Our writing focus will centre around the books 'Rain Player' and 'Hero Twins', both of which lending themselves beautifully for a range of genres that children will explore in their writing. These allow for some deep and interesting thinking on the subject of our most distant ancestors and the way of life they experienced many thousands of years ago. The Mayan Civilisation will also be studied through the foundation subjects, most obviously history, where will will find out about daily life - the clothing worn, customs and beliefs, the food eaten and tools and weapons which were used. We will compile a brief timeline of the age and discover how attitudes and behaviours changed during it as well as looking at how settlements developed around different parts of the world, notably South America. Art is another area which will see a big focus on the period with children honing their skills to complete a range of artwork that reflects various aspects of it. They will design and make their own Mayan masks, as well as have a go at creating a Mayan temple, just a couple of examples of the exciting learning that will take place this term!