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Year 3 Kingfishers

Welcome to Kingfishers!

Kingfisher Class 2019/20

Kingfisher Class 2019/20 1

Welcome to Kingfishers, our Year 3 class. Our class teachers are Mrs Coult and Mrs Davies and our Learning Support Assistant are Mrs Poole and Mrs Powell. As the first year in the junior school, it is an exciting class for the children. We wear the upper school uniform and are working on become independent learners. We spend time developing our confidence to express our questions, thinking and reasoning. We link our topic work across many subjects to create an engaging and fun curriculum. Activities in Year 3 include Romans, French, map reading, a theatre workshop, a geologist visit, cooking, maths investigations and Egyptians.


Summer Term

Welcome "back", Kingfishers! We hope you all had a very enjoyable and restful Easter break and you're ready and raring to go for the Summer Term.


Whilst we are all still at home, there's a lot of learning ready for you this sunny term. The last few weeks have, no doubt, been an emotional rollercoaster for you, with many questions still unanswered. We at Grayswood, care a lot about your emotional and spiritual wellbeing. During this very unsettling time in your life, and as part of Grayswood's Christian values and ethos, Mrs Harris (the R.E. co-ordinator) has put up some lovely, reflective activities and videos to support you at home. Should you wish, please do take a look! You can find Home Learning for this via this link: Grayswood Christian Values and Ethos 


Our topic this term is The Egyptians. From finding out about the way of life of people living in ancient Egypt, to archaeological discoveries, we are quite sure you will enjoy this term and all it has to offer.


In History, you will develop a chronological understanding (understanding of time) and use sources of information to make simple observations, inferences and deductions. 


In English this term we will be reading a book called 'The Egyptian Cinderella', by Shirley Climo, comparing versions of traditional stories, developing a rich and varied vocabulary, writing and punctuating speech and, ultimately, planing and writing your own narrative, proof reading and editing.


Mathematics, this half term, focuses on fractions, knowing what a tenth is, the numerator and denominator, to adding and subtracting, showing, using diagrams, equivalent fractions with small denominators.


Science, very aptly fitting with the season, will be about plants. We will be learning about the parts of flowering plants and their functions, looking at the conditions affecting plant growth and plants as living things. We will investigate how plants supply us with food. Hopefully  you will be able to practically investigate how plants grow at home.


In R.E. this half term, we will be learning about Judaism. We will investigate the key question: ‘What are important times for Jews?’, exploring some of the major Jewish festivals and their links with Jewish history and commandments. We will reflect on how celebrating these events, binds the Jewish community together.

Forest School

Roman Class Assembly

World Book Day