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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Year 2 Robins

Welcome to Robins!

Robins Class (Year 2) is taught by Miss Marks with support from Mrs Norton, Mrs Atkins and Mrs Clifford.  



In the first half of the summer term the children take an ‘Animal Safari!’ They research the life of animals from different continents and explore what they need to survive in different habitats. This topic lends itself well to lots of geographic learning and feeds well into our science on animal categories and living things and their habitats.


 In literacy we will be writing Kenning Poems and researching one of ‘The Big 5’ for an animal fact file.


This half term, we will be consolidating our understanding of the four number operations: adding, subtracting, multiplication and division. We will also learn to tell the time to the nearest five minutes. Rich opportunities are provided for children to work collaboratively and independently to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills.


Year 2 is a very exciting year, empowering and encouraging the children to take more responsibly and ownership in their learning.