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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Year 2 Robins

Welcome to Robins!

Robins Class (Year 2) is taught by Miss Marks with support from Mrs Norton. 

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Our Class School Council and Eco Warriors

Our Class School Council and Eco Warriors  1 Eco Warrior
Our Class School Council and Eco Warriors  2 Eco Warrior
Our Class School Council and Eco Warriors  3 School Councillor
Our Class School Council and Eco Warriors  4 School Councillor

An Island Home 

This half term we will be using the Katie Morag stories by Mairi Hedderwick. In this unit the class will develop their geographical knowledge about the UK.  We will learn about Katie’s island home and compare it with Haslemere looking at the similarities and differences between the human and physical features.


In science, Robins will think about how and why some items are made from a variety of natural and/or man-made materials. We will find out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed and think about new uses for materials. By investigating some key scientists that have developed new materials, we will learn how uses of different materials can influence our lives.


As storywriters, this half term the class will explore the series of stories using drama. Robins will plan and write their own narrative story about a Katie Morag adventure, including descriptions of characters and setting and write some dialogue.


As mathematicians the children apply their understanding of addition and subtractions to combine coins of different values to make a particular amount and giving change. Robins will be introduced to multiplication and division and will use concrete objects to investigate facts for the 2’s, 5’s and 10 times tables.

Rich opportunities are provided for children to work collaboratively and independently to develop their problem solving and reasoning skills.


Year 2 is a very exciting year, empowering and encouraging the children to take more responsibly and ownership in their learning.


The Great Fire of Grayswood

The Great Fire of Grayswood

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