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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Week 1 - 20 April 2020

Monday to Wednesday

Scroll down to the bottom for all subjects. Topic has been uploaded at the bottom.


This week we are following the work we would have been doing at school and the topic is decimals. I have attached a powerpoint, please share with your child (don’t print it out) and work through the questions. If they find anything tricky, reinforce it, create new examples with simpler numbers etc. Work through at their pace.


Then I have attached a selection of worksheets (with answers at the end). This work comes from classroom secrets. There are stars at the bottom of the sheets – D for developing, E for expected and GD for greater Depth.

Please can the children try and work through 2 sheets. You choose the easier one first and then move on to the next one in the hope to challenge them, see how they get on. If it is too hard, go back a sheet,


Maths can be trickier to teach from home; strategies have changed, and parents may not feel as confident teaching this as other subjects. Please feedback to us, these topics are what we would teach at school, but we can adapt and make some changes. At the moment we will continue as we are but if things are difficult, we can adapt so please tell us.


Remember also to keep up with Times Tables Rock Stars.

Wednesday work.

I have uploaded a pack from Classroom Secrets. I would like the children to do the English activities. Most importantly the work about speech. Included in the pack are also some maths activities, if you would like to give them a go - brilliant.


Wednesday English work - direct speech, feel free to do the maths as well if you want to.


The children are to write a diary about the last couple of weeks in lockdown following the same criteria as last time. What have they been upto? What is going on in the world? How are they feeling? Also, any special memories?

I would like the children to write for 30 minutes, 10 minutes per week or 30 minutes for the whole thing. I would do it week by week, (week 2,3,4) it would be easier to manage but it up to you.  They will need to think back.

Remembering, capital letters and full stops must be used.

Your organisation/order.

A range of punctuation.

Exciting and interesting vocabulary – words and phrases.


Please reread your work at the end (and as you go through) and check it makes sense and is punctuated.


Tuesday and Wednesday

Next week, we will be doing some story writing, so Tuesday and Wednesday this week we will be revising some skills to include in our story writing. I will upload a task about paragraphs for Tuesday and speech for Wednesday. The children need to work through them.


Next week, we will be writing adventure stories and we will plan, write and edit the stories over the three days. In the meantime, can the children be thinking about their plot. What their story is going to be about? Where it will be set? Who the characters are? And what problem is going to occur – remember whatever the problem is, it needs to be solved by the end. If they can read any adventure stories over the next week to help them that would be great. Short stories are available to listen to online or read.


Individual Reading

Please keep up with the personal reading each day for 20-30 minutes. If you would like any ideas for age appropriate, awesome books let me know. Also, do remember online reading and listening to stories. Audible is offering plenty of free stories and many authors have made their books readily available.



Please continue working through the spelling list I sent out last week, if you have completed it already do email me and I will update for this term (we were a couple of weeks behind).


This term we would have been coding. Some of you are already awesome at this this, please continue using scratch and other coding sites whilst you are at home.


As we are at home, over the next few weeks,  we are going to improve our photography skills, continue sending emails and create powerpoints.


I have planned some mini projects for you to complete over the next few weeks but TODAY can you please take a photo of yourself in disguise!


Use your creativity skills to make it difficult (but not impossible) for us to guess who you are.

Either dress up, hide somewhere in the photo, or take a photo and use your technical skills to disguise yourself.


Then send your picture to me in an email and I will create a powerpoint game where I put them all together and send it to you all (not put on website) and we’ll play the game to try and guess who is who.

When taking your photo, plan it. Think about your setting, try not to make it too obvious. Try and leave some clues to help people guess.

Disguise yourself as best (and as funny as you can) and write a caption – it can be cryptic.


Please do this today and send to me asap so I can put it together.


In your email to me include:

Your photo

Tell me what are the best things about lockdown?

What are the worst things?

What are the strangest things?


For RE this week, Mrs Harris has requested that you look at the Prayer Space activities and choose one or two to do. 


This term we would be learning about The Ancient Greeks. I have decided that the best way to learn about The Greeks is for you to create mini projects. Each week I will put upload a different aspect for you to research, investigate and present your information. 

You can present your projects however you like: posters/powerpoints/video messages/models - anything you like.

You can vary your ideas and really get creative.

Then we can bring them into school and carry on from where we left off when we are all back together.


It's a really interesting topic, enjoy!!


Using the BBC Bitesize website, your first two headings are: Who were the Ancient Greeks? and Greek Cities.