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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School


We seek to provide as broad a curriculum as possible. Swimming is an important life-skill that will enhance enjoyment and safety throughout the lifetime of the children. It gives children an opportunity to excel at a non–academic activity.


At Grayswood Primary School swimming lessons supplement the PE curriculum of Year 2 children. Children are taken to The Herons Swimming Pool for 10 swimming lessons each term, paid for by parental contributions and funds raised by the Friends of Grayswood School (FROGS). Our swimming coordinator and accompanying teaching assistant organises and takes the children to the swimming pool.


Teaching and Learning

Children are assessed on their first visit to the pool, by qualified instructors, and put into groups according to their ability. Each group is taught by a qualified swimming instructor who is responsible for the content of the lessons provided. Assessment is on going and as children make progress they are moved on to groups that meet their improving abilities. This decision is always taken by their swimming instructor. At the end of each year there is an opportunity for the children to work for a swimming badge, if their instructor deems it appropriate. The badges and certificates are awarded in a Celebration Assembly at school.


There is a Swimming Gala at the end of the summer term for parents to watch the children demonstrate skills and partake in races and team games.


Health and Safety Guidance

  • Any medication that may be required by children whilst at the pool is taken by staff. This may include inhalers and Epipens.
  • Children must wear appropriate clothing. Goggles are recommended by most instructors however children are also expected to swim without goggles. No jewellery may be worn in the pool. The only exception to this rule is a medical alert bracelet, which may be worn if medically required. Long hair should be tied back.
  • Children are taught to walk carefully when moving around the pool building.
  • Children shower before entering the pool and at the end of the lesson.
  • The Herons provides life saving staff during lessons.
  • At no time are the children left without the supervision of an adult.
  • Seat belts are worn whilst the children are on the coach.
  • Appropriate sections of the school Off – Site Activities Policy and Emergency Planning Policy are used as guidance.