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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Sports Premium

At Grayswood Primary, we take part in a variety of games ranging from in-school team games, after-school multi-sport activities (e.g. football clubs, hockey with Haslemere Hockey Club), to competing in swimming galas and sports events.  Children from each class gave their views on ‘good sportsmanship’ to develop our TEAM protocol:

  • Try your best and don’t give up 
  • If someone else wins be happy for them  
  • Don’t get upset if you lose – this will just upset others in your team 
  • Listen to and applaud both your team and your opponents 
  • Help and support your team by working together and trying your best 
  • Be friendly and kind to others, wishing them good luck 
  • Ask parents/supporters to support the event – not the individual school or their child


We encourage participation in physical activity as part of a healthy life-style and celebrate the children's natural competitive spirit that drives their desire to be in the team, their need for fairness by all and ultimately, to be on the winning side.

Grayswood Primary PE and Sports Funding

Our PE Curriculum offers a comprehensive range of experiences to meet the needs of individual pupils and encourage active involvement by all as performers and observers. Children are encouraged to develop a positive attitude in all areas of physical education. Opportunities are given for children to work independently and cooperatively as members of a team. The children also have opportunities to experience and learn Hockey, Tag Rugby, Tennis and Cricket through out the year.