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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Science Curriculum


Science is a vibrant subject at Grayswood Primary School. It provides the foundations for understanding the world around us and allows children to ask questions and explore. At Grayswood, children are encouraged to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about the world. They are encouraged to understand how science can be used to explain what is occurring, predict how things will behave, and analyse causes. This is done through talk and allowing children to investigate different areas in order to become inquisitive human beings. This develops a need to want to discover answers for themselves, fostering learning.

How is Science taught across Key Stages?


The children at Grayswood Primary School follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and with relation to science, the focus is on ‘Understanding of the World’. Understanding of the world develops as children take notice of everything around them, including places and all the things within them, such as trees in the natural environment and roads and traffic in the built environment. Finding out about places begins initially when a child learns about their own home and the things nearby, then later as children notice things on journeys to and from home – such as the sequence of the traffic lights or names on street signs. This awareness is extended by visiting places and finding out about different elements of environments in books, on television and through using other technology. This aspect also focuses on learning about cause and effect and is developed through having conversations with adults and other children about the things they observe. Opportunities are planned for the children to develop their knowledge and make links between their experiences. Children are encouraged to make observations and to talk about changes happening over time.

KS1 and KS2

The children follow the National Curriculum (2014) covering the areas listed below whilst also focusing on the five areas of working scientifically: pattern seeking, observing over time, Identifying and classifying, fair testing and research. Within each academic year, children will study a range of scientific topics. At Grayswood we ensure that children develop a secure understanding of each key block taught before moving to the next stage. It is vital that they have this understanding as it provides a smooth transition between primary and secondary school.

In both Key Stage 1 (KS1) and Key Stage 2 (KS2), children are taught Science as a freestanding subject, covering a specific topic each term. Each Science topic is primarily based around one of the three core disciplines (Biology, Physics and Chemistry), with children touching on all three every year. The children are taught to use scientific vocabulary accurately and precisely and links to other curriculum areas are made where possible.