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GrayswoodChurch of England
Primary School

Our Learning

School Ambassadors

At the start of each academic year, children in Year 6 are invited to apply for the position of School Ambassador. They are presented with a job description detailing what the role involves and, if interested, asked to submit a letter addressed to the Headteacher outlining why they feel they would be a good candidate. Following this, all applicants are invited to attend a short interview with the Headteacher and a School Governor, which allows them a further opportunity to demonstrate their passion and commitment for our school. The next step is to write an individual speech which is shared with the whole school during a special assembly. The entire school (children and staff) then cast their vote for who they feel would be the best person to represent Grayswood CE Primary School. These are counted and our School Ambassadors elected.

Grayswood School Ambassadors 2023-24

Our School Ambassadors this year are: Ben, Coco, Florence and Xanthe

Autumn Term 2023

School Ambassador Speech

Once elected, the School Ambassadors' main task this term was to write a collective speech detailing their thoughts about Grayswood CE Primary School and what they enjoy. This was then shared with prospective parents at our school tours during the Autumn Term. Ben, Xanthe, Florence and Coco did a superb job of promoting our school, delivering their speech with confidence and enthusiasm- we were very proud! A copy of their speech can be found below.