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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Our School Travel Plan

The School Travel Plan – A blueprint for getting to and from the school gate

The School Travel Plan (STP) is a working document that sets out the measures our school needs to take and is taking to reduce the impact of the motor car on school and village life. The STP sets targets for different ways of arriving at the school gate as the school expands and how this may be achieved.

Travel Plan Pack

For Staff and Visitors


The school has an obligation to inform staff and regular visitors as to alternative ways of getting to and from the school other than by individual private motorcar.


The school will provide a cycle rack within the school boundary on completion of the building work in 2015.


The school wishes both staff and regular visitors to consider car sharing with other people coming to school. The school will endeavour to make available parking within the parking bell for those members of staff who wish to car share.


The existing public transport provisions to the school are:


  • By Train to Haslemere Station (2.5km from school), then by Stagecoach (Service 70) from the station to Grayswood Church. The first bus is 07:46 hrs from the station, arrives 07.54 hrs...Next bus leaves the station 09:21 hrs arrives 09:29 hrs. Last bus leaves Grayswood at 18:27hrs and arrives at the station at 18:35hrs - hourly service.
  • By Bus, Service 70 (as above). This service links Bognor Regis to Guildford via Grayswood.
  • By Bus Service 59 (Local) from Haslemere Railway Station 7:34hrs arrive 7:41hrs. This is the only morning service. The last and only bus to leave Grasywood in the afternoon is at 18:10hrs.


For further detailed information check www.surreycc.gov.uk. The school holds no responsibility for any changes to the above services as they are out of the control of the school.


Personalised Travel Planning

The school will be happy to provide individual advice and information to staff and regular visitors on request.