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Home Schooling

Summer Term

Healthy Eating Week - All cooked by Swifts

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well and safe and have been able to enjoy the wonderful weather we have had over the past few weeks and that you had a restful holiday. With the current situation continuing to be very uncertain, we will continue to update this page with work for you to complete each day, We will continue to follow the year 5 curriculum and adapt it as best as we can to make it as easy for you to manage as we can. As mentioned before Easter please stay in contact with us and let us know how you are getting on, how your child is managing the level of the work and also the resourcing. We appreciate everything is being sent to you online and that online resources are not always easy to manage - especially if you have more children than devices. Please contact us and we can try and adapt the work as best we can. Also, this term I was hoping to set some work that does require resources, apps being downloaded, protractors, rulers. Please do get in contact if you think resourcing these will be a problem.

Continuing on from the end of last term, the expectation for work each day is:

English activity - 20-30 minutes work - unless stated otherwise

Maths activity -20-30 minutes work - unless stated otherwise

Spelling 10-15 

Times tables - 10-15 minutes

Reading 20-30 minutes.


Please judge the activities and learning for your child, if they are finding it hard, take breaks, work at their pace and if work is not completed in the 30 minutes don't feel you need to carry on for hours, you can carry the work over to the next day.

Remember to keep enjoying the sunshine and making the most of the strange situation we are in, so when we look back at this time the children have happy memories and stories to tell. Please, please keep in contact with us. Sometimes I will ask for a direct response from the children, but also keep feeding back regarding the work and how the children are managing. 

Lastly, we are so disappointed that we are not all going back into school together today to enjoy getting back to normality, please remind the children how much we miss them and LOVE hearing from so do stay in touch. We are on emails throughout each day.


Best Wishes

Stay safe

Mrs O'Rourke

Summer Term Spellings

Thank you to those who have sent me your 'photo in disguise' I am missing a few, please can you send them alongside your child's email. Thanks.

Spring Term 

You can find work set before the Easter Holidays here.

Dear Parents,


We hope you are safe and well and coping with the current situation. Thank you for your support and patience over the last few days, this is indeed a testing time for all of us and we are working hard to organise the best ways for your children to continue their learning at home.


We will update the website regularly so that daily work is provided for the children to access at home. We will keep it as easy to administer and organise as possible, however, we do encourage you to email (swifts@grayswood.surrey.sch.uk) if you need any assistance with anything. We are still working and available to support throughout the working day.


We will set a daily English activity, Maths and Foundation subject to be completed. We will also offer a range of other suggestions/activities/websites that should keep the children busy over the next few weeks, until we see them again.


Obviously, we are setting this work for your children to keep up with the education we would be delivering at school and do ask you to encourage your child by providing them with a quiet place to concentrate and work. We will provide explanations of how to carry out the activities and sometimes add videos to support the teaching.


Please try to create a daily timetable that the children can stick to, so they become familiar with the structure and therefore are able to do their best learning. We would suggest:

*30 minutes English set activity,

* 30 mins set Maths activity,

*20-30 minutes reading (as part of the day not just at night times),

* 20-30 minutes foundation subject (set activity)

*20 minutes physical activity – a couple of times a day,

10 minutes spelling (will be attached)

and 10 minutes times tables practice.


Other fun activities include: gardening, cooking, online dance/yoga/PE activities, TTRS (please make good use of this for Times Tables practice), art and craft activities. Our topic this term has been focusing on all things British, do expose them to your favourite British bands, singers, music, childhood films, tv show etc also. The children also benefit from being read to, even though many of the class are great readers ,they do love listening to stories , so, either share stories together or online stories ( there are great deals at the moment).

I’m sure you have plenty of things you would like to do with your children and make the most of this strange situation we find ourselves in. Please do keep in touch with us, we are here to support but also, we will miss seeing all the children every day and would love to hear from them and see what they are up to. Do encourage the children to email us, to say hello, and let tell us how they are doing. We would also love them to send us photos (or keep them for when back at school if easier) for an activity I have in mind for when we are back together again.


In the meantime, stay safe, keep in touch and tell the children how much we are going to miss them, and we can’t wait to get back to normal and see them again soon.


With best wishes


Mrs O’Rourke and Mrs Smith.




A few photos of our trip to Box Hill.

I have found this home schooling pack from classroom secrets which looks good if you would like to keep up some work over the holidays for some structure in the day. It isn't expected, it's just in case you want to.

Classroom Secrets Home Learning pack

Monday to Wednesday
I saw this last night and wondered if anybody would be interested in this. We have many brilliant artists in Swifts and this could be a lovely activity to this week. Send me some pictures if you do. smiley

NHS Nightingale Hospital artwork.

RE work - Tuesday 31.03.2020

English work - Monday to Wednesday (this week and next week).


The children are working on individual projects about a chosen city in the United Kingdom. They brought home a folder last week with the work they have started so far.


Over the next two weeks - (Monday to Wednesday) their task is to research their city and make notes under the specific headings. Some of the headings include

  • Geographical features for example location and landmarks
  • Famous people
  • Sports (venues and people)

If anybody has misplaced the note making sheet do email and I can send another when in school this week.


These notes should then be written up in best handwriting (on different pages - different sizes, with sub-headings) and then brought back to class in their folders so we can make them into display posters when back at school.


The work they should produce for their posters include:

  • Title (of City)
  • A hand drawn map highlighting the location of city
  • Different paragraphs of writing
  • Drawings (rather than printed pictures)
  • Subheadings for different paragraphs.




I did show the children a number of different examples of the final posters at school, so they should be clear about what they are doing. Any problems, do email me.


This ongoing project should take up our 6 English lessons for the next two weeks.  



Maths this week:


This week we are continuing our work on fractions and we are adding and subtracting mixed numbers. The children have done this with me last week so it should be revision for them. There are a number of steps for the children to remember, please ensure they work through slowly and follow the correct method, paying close attention to the actual operation in the sum – many children concentrated so hard on the method for converting the mixed numbers they didn’t realise if the sum was + or -.


The children have used this method before and can take short cuts if they are confident, they do not need to simplify at the end, however, due teach them to if they are ready.



The method steps are:


  • Convert the mixed number first.
  • Write new sum including an improper fraction.
  • Find the common denominator (list common multiples if children need to)
  • Write the common denominator underneath and rewrite the sum, (please write the two fractions underneath each other with arrows to explain how you get the new denominator – the children are used to this).
  • Then add/subtract numerators. Denominator stays the same.
  • Then convert the improper fraction into a mixed number.


The children know this method and should all be able to work through. Please do use the highlighted language to support them. I can attach an example of the method in a photo via email if that helps. The children have used this method before and can take short cuts if they are confident, they do not need to simplify at the end, however, due teach them to if they are ready. For example 3 2/12 = 31/6.


Again, any questions do email, it’s really hard trying to explain like this.




I have attached a couple of work sheets – some with the same denominators, some with different and then some mixed numbers. The children do not need to complete them all however are welcome to – I have added more on purpose.

In class, I would give them 4/5 from each sheet in the order stated, as each sheet moves on a step, i.e same denominators, finding denominators, converting mixed numbers and finding denominators, aiming to complete the final sheet.

The first two sheets they can hopefully do quite fast, the last one is trickier. You judge how your child is getting on, email if needed, please don’t stress over anything.


Foundation subjects:


On a Monday we do Geography and ICT. Today, for Geography I would continue with projects from this morning – or do extra this morning.


ICT – let the children have some choosing time, either coding – scratch or similar, we have recently made videos using photos – if you have photos stored on your computers, they could make videos, adding music, effects etc. We used Movie Maker at school, but a similar programme should work. TTRS, virtual tours from museums, your choice. Email your teacher!



On Tuesday, we do RE and PE.




RE we have been learning about Islam, we have learning about how Muslim children live their lives, it’s really interesting. Share a video, with the children and discuss it, talk about the sacrifices Muslim children make, do we do things like that? Do you think it would easy to live your life like that? What would be the challenges? What are your thoughts about how Muslim children live?


The Five Pillars Of Islam - YouTube


https://www.youtube.com › watch


Discuss what they know about how Muslims pray (call to prayer, Mosques, shoes off, prayer mats, prayer mats face towards Mecca, etc).

Look at examples of prayer mats, the children then have an activity to design a prayer mat.


PE – whatever you can do!!

PE with Joe Wicks is online from today, Just Dance? Yoga? Garden sports?


As stated, I’m on email today, do message me, I’ll respond as quick as I can. Do want you can, most importantly have a nice day.



This the video for RE.


Please work through these spellings, we usually do these once a week, I would suggest you do 2 columns this week and 2 next. Encourage children to think about what the spellings mean, use dictionaries to find definitions and use thesauruses to find synonyms. Writing sentences with these spellings is handwriting practice also.


We are up to Week 3 ( children should have their spelling books to double check). Do 'test' them on last weeks words and move on to this weeks. Any way they can learn them, writing them out, rainbow writing, look, cover check.

Spellings list - try and work through 2 columns this week and 2 next week. Words highlighted in colour are required words for yr5/6 so extra focus on those.

Who is missing school? I am – it’s not as easy teaching my teaching own children (who want to play outside or on iPad all the time!) as it is you guys! I hope you had a good day yesterday and are enjoying today. I am adding some maths word problems for you to do. Keep the methods the same, read the problems carefully and see how you get on.


In the afternoon, we have been doing music, ask mums and dads of their favourite British singers, bands, music etc and go online and listen to the songs/watch the videos etc and see which you like – or don’t like.


We should also be doing French – this can be hard enough at School so whilst at home do a different activity.


I am uploading a simple recipe in case anybody feels like baking – Swifts I hope you could give it a go yourselves if you have the ingredients. Also, you may have heard/seen that children nationwide are creating/painting rainbows and putting them up in the windows, to boost morale and entertain others on walks. Why not give that a try if you haven’t already?


I’ll be in touch on the weekend with your work for next week, your English project will be ongoing. Mrs Smith will be setting work now for Thursday and Friday. Do stay in touch, with questions/ anything you have been doing.


Stay safe everybody.


Mrs O’Rourke

Easter cookies recipe