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Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Home Schooling

Welcome to Robins home schooling page. Here is where you'll find weekly overviews and resources to support you child with their eduction at home. Robins contact email: robins@grayswood.surrey.sch.uk  


A Poem for Robins 

 I found a little robin laying in a nest,
with a soft gentle face and a crimson red breast. 


The robin sat still whilst the world was unknown, 
to keep himself and others safe he’s staying in his home.


He kept himself busy singing sweet thoughtful songs,
waiting for the day to be back where he belongs.


Dreaming of the sky and the wide open space,
seeing friends and family and to finally embrace.


But remember, after a storm the dark clouds will go, 
and our kindness and love will be there to show.


Stay safe little robin, this is just short term,
we’ll soon be back together and ready to learn


Written by Miss Marks 


Welcome back Robins! I hope you had a lovely Easter break and enjoyed some chocolate and the beautiful sunshine! 


As before, I will continue to upload daily activities for you on our class page. There are daily Maths, English and spelling tasks to complete as well as extra-curricular activities that you can pick and choose from. Please remember to do daily reading too, books feed the imagination and even though we're stuck at home, books can take you on lots of adventures! 

Our topic this half term is 'Animal Safari' 

You will research the life of animals from different continents and explore what they need to survive in different habitats. This topic lends itself well to lots of geographic learning and feeds well into our science on animal categories and living things and their habitats. 

It's important to keep as active as you can, so go on family walks, complete a daily workout by Joe Wicks or even better by Paul Cook one of our parents! (videos on YouTube). 

You can contact me on our class email with any questions or updates about your child's learning. 

Remember to have fun and stay safe. 

Miss Marks 


Robins Egg-cellent Creations