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  • Lower Road,
  • Grayswood,
  • Haslemere, GU27 2DR
  • Tel: 01428 642086
Grayswood CE Aided Infant School


The staff and governors of Grayswood Primary aim to provide a happy and caring Christian School in which the full potential of each child may be realised both intellectually and socially. Underpinning the aims of our school is the belief that children gain the greatest benefit from school and feel most secure when parents and teachers work together. From time to time a parent may have a query about some aspect of their child’s education or experience in school. The governors and staff want parents to feel confident that they can voice their concerns and that those concerns will be addressed.


We recognise that, despite our best efforts, misunderstandings may arise and mistakes can be made. Through this policy we aim to ensure that: 

  • parents feel their concerns are taken seriously
  • we respond as quickly and as sensitively as possible in order to resolve any issue so that it may not develop into a serious complaint. 


Our policy sets out the process by which we manage parental concerns, detailing the steps that a parent or guardian should follow and the response that they can expect from us at each stage, both informal and formal. It takes account of the latest best practice identified by Surrey County Council which has reduced the number of stages from four to three. The policy should be consulted at an early stage in any complaint to ensure the correct procedure is followed.