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  • Grayswood,
  • Haslemere, GU27 2DR
  • Tel: 01428 642086
Grayswood CE Aided Infant School

Vision and Ethos

We warmly welcome you as a pupil, parent, member of staff or a Governor into our school and hope your time with us brings you happiness and satisfaction. You may or may not have experience of a Church School before but there are some important and special things about our school that we would like you to know about.


Our School provides a happy, family atmosphere in a Christian community which enables all children to learn in a safe, stimulating environment. Empowering everyone to learn in their own way, we all aspire to reach our full potential, show care and respect for others and develop a strong self-esteem for the future.


Our School is a Christian community with our children and families at its centre. We want to make a difference to the lives of children and their families by listening to them, understanding them and loving them. Children who are nurtured and loved can flourish. We teach children about God’s love, we show our love in the way we watch over them and they in turn learn to watch over each other. Our children learn to Love One Another.


We believe we should live like Jesus did. Our daily life in school is underpinned by Christian values. These values are used as the themes in our daily worship, woven into our behaviour policy and school rules and linked into learning through the Secrets of Success. All staff can use these Christian values, at times, when talking to children.  The Christian values at the heart of our school are: love, truth, perseverance, humility, forgiveness, service, worship, compassion and thankfulness. 


We seek to nourish the whole child at Grayswood Primary School; the body through teaching children how to look after their body created in God’s image. Through the curriculum we learn about healthy eating and exercise. We nourish children’s minds through a rich and varied curriculum and allowing children to take some responsibility for their own learning. We challenge them to imagine, wonder and ask questions. The spirit is nourished in the care we give to children’s emotional development and by providing opportunities for quiet reflection. 


We are truly blessed in the wonderful environment in which our school is situated. Our Forest School provides our pupils and school community access to the wonder of God’s creation in situ. We experience it all around us and we take time to just stop and be aware that there is something greater than ourselves.


Through a shared understanding of our aims we work closely together to let our Christian Distinctiveness shine though.