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News from Richard Rowe

Literacy opens up a whole world of communicating and understanding, as well as the joy of reading and writing stories.  Some of you make your livings as journalists and authors.


Some children find the process of learning to read straightforward and for others it is a struggle.  Some are excellent decoders and blenders whilst others rely far more on recognising the shape of a word or re-creating it as they have seen it in print.


At Grayswood we are looking hard at the process and practice of excellent spellings.  We are fortunate to have been working with a National expert in this field – Peter Burrows.  He is helping us to develop a new system which we hope will make a difference.  I believe that avid readers make accurate spellers.  Do you think texting and spell check help or hinder our spelling?  Certainly it is now possible for anyone to produce a well spelt piece of work with little effort. 


We definitely need an opinion amongst the parents in order to see if there is a concensus for some new initiatives which I have in mind. I do not want to embarass anyone and so I will deal with this myself.  This will supercede any former questionaires and will include questions on how we can lessen the beaurocracy associated with being a parent at Grayswood.  I am particularly concerned about ideas about parking so that there will be no reocurrence of the manoeuvres we have seen near the school gate.  None of us would want an accident on our conscience.  We also want Year 5 and 6 children to become more independant and will shortly be giving guidelines which will mean it will become unnecessary for parents to always accompany these children to school.


If you thought that the previous paragraph was a little convoluted it is because I have deliberately hidden some spelling errors within it.  Prizes for the first three emails to interimhead@grayswood.surrey.sch.uk to find the errors and spell them correctly. By the way – we really will be doing a survey soon to find parental opinions!


Jo Fraser and I along with Governors are still working hard on all the arrangements for next year and hope to give full information on staffing very early during the next half of term.


With best wishes

Richard Rowe

Richard Rowe